Tandem-onium Over, Thanks to Great Community Effort


A tandem bicycle was recently donated to the College by Chuck Taylor, from Houghton-le-Spring, near Sunderland. The College really appreciated this kind gesture and tried every which way to get the tandem back to Hereford. However, trains weren’t an option and, as the College is a charity, couriers were cost prohibitive.

Thankfully, social media team Your Herefordshire stepped in. Stefan, from Your Herefordshire, shared a plea on Facebook on the College’s behalf. They asked if anyone had any good ideas on how to get the tandem from the North East to Herefordshire.

There were many creative suggestions from the local community. Luckily, Stephen Faulds, a driver at Westons Cider, saw the post and, knowing that Westons delivered regularly to Houghton-le-Spring, made a phone call to his Distribution Manager, Graham George, and the rest is history.

Westons driver, George Goodridge, kindly collected the tandem from Chuck on Monday 9 September. On Wednesday 11 September, Stephen Faulds delivered the tandem bicycle to RNC, which meant that College staff and students could thank him in person.

Stephen commented:

‘It was an absolute pleasure and we are so pleased that Westons Cider could help.’

With Stefan from Your Herefordshire adding:

‘We are so happy to have been able to help.’

The College is hugely grateful for this superb community effort, which is also very timely as record numbers of RNC students have shown interest in tandem cycling this term.

RNC is always in need of volunteer tandem pilots. So if you can help, please email tim.broome@rnc.ac.uk


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