Text Santa 2014 features former RNC student

Vicky stands beside husband Paul, two of their daughters and a son

Former RNC student Vicky Cannon will be making her television debut this Christmas talking about life with her young family and her Guide Dog, Dickens.


Vicky, who studied A Levels in English Literature, Psychology and Sociology at RNC between 2000 and 2002, is married to fellow ex-student Paul. The two met while at College and have since set up home in Old Swan, Liverpool.


With four young children and Dickens in the house, Vicky says that she and Paul have to work closely as a team. “We get up at 6.30 to get the older girls off to secondary school. Our son goes to a different school, and then we get our youngest to nursery. After that I see what needs doing at home. As long as we all function together everything runs smoothly. We run a tight ship.”


Now that all four children are out during the day Vicky is looking for her next challenge and would like to use her own experience to help others. She said “I’m really keen on getting in to work with charities and helping young people to come to terms with disabilities. I’ve always been very willing to get out there and not let anything keep me down. Now I’d like to help others who are in the same situation.”


Vicky stands with Dickens by her side; there are boats in the background When Vicky was asked to take part in the Guide Dogs campaign for ITV’s Text Santa she did not hesitate. “I had a deteriorating eye condition and it got worse as I got older. When I got Dickens it gave me the opportunity to get my life back and operate as usual.”


Filming started at 7.45 in the ‘mad house’. The crew accompanied Vicky on the walk to school and recorded an interview in the playground. “It didn’t bother me,” said Vicky. “I couldn’t see the cameras so it was just like talking to someone on the phone. Everyone else got camera shy, including my usually loud six year old son, who will be with me on the sofa at Good Morning Britain.”


Looking back, Vicky is grateful for her time at RNC. “Once I got to College I didn’t want to get home, I’d flown the nest. I found my feet and wanted to live independently. It gave me the start of my life with my family. My eldest daughter is 12 and she’s got the same eye condition. If it’s what she wants I’ll definitely look at sending her to RNC. I really enjoyed my time there; I made some good friends and it gave me a great start in life.”

Article written by Anika Backhouse, PR, Publications & Outreach Officer at RNC


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