Thank you so much for your good wishes and continued support

A big group of students and staff are gathered together in a group, laughing and smiling with their hands up in the air. There are very large letters which spell out ‘RNC’.

Many Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) and thePoint4 supporters have asked how they can help us during this period of uncertainty.

As many of you know, RNC is a registered charity with its income coming from fundraising events and initiatives, through regular and one-off donations and through memberships and bookings of thePoint4 community leisure facility.

Just like other charity organisations across the globe, the unfolding Covid-19 crisis is taking an unprecedented toll on our resources and the temporary closure of both the College and thePoint4 has had a dramatic effect on our fundraising ability.

We appreciate it’s a tough time for everyone financially but, if you could help us through this period of uncertainty, with a donation, whether large or small, we would be enormously grateful.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you, our loyal supporters, for your continued kindness and commitment towards RNC and wish you well during such exceptional times.

Lucy Proctor
Executive Principal


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