The Value of Work Experience

Israel in the radio station

At RNC we believe work experience can help give our students a competitive edge and show that they have the important ‘can do’ attitude.


Work experience also provides many benefits; giving our students skills and experience that will allow them stand out to potential employers as well as helping them choose the right sector to work in.


It also equips them with certain soft skills such as team working, communication skills and commercial awareness, all of which are sought after by employers


Work Experience Co-ordinator at RNC, Linda Hellyer, is tasked with finding placements for the students. ‘I’d like to thank all the organisations that support us. The all really engage with the work we do at RNC and really do try their best to give our students worthwhile and valuable placements’.


Read what younger student Israel, has to say about his placement with Like Radio in Hereford.


Israel: Work experience placement at Like Radio


I never really thought about doing radio presenting until I came to RNC. Since then I have realised that I really enjoy it and I am actually quite good at it.


Radio is also something I would like to do in the future. Being able to do it on work experience has given me the chance to give it a go for real. I’ve always been someone that loves communicating and having fun so when this work experience came round I was overjoyed.


What I learned in my work experience:


I went there not knowing what to expect, but I’ve leant loads. I’ve learnt that radio presenters need other skills too, especially social media. It’s important to be able to grow your reputation.


I also learned different ways of doing a recording, such as a pre-record from a day before and being able to do a whole days work in 30mins.


My overall experience


I got to know more about being a radio presenter and it has helped me make sure that radio is the route I want to take in the long run. I couldn’t ask for a better experience then what I got. I am so thankful to the College for setting that up for me.


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