Tiri celebrates World Maths Day by getting 100% in practice paper

Tiri is sitting in the classroom holding up her Maths practice paper which has ‘100%’ written in large characters at the top of the page with stars around it. Sitting beside her is RNC Maths Teacher Kate Stevenson, as they both smile at the camera.

Maths is one of those things that often divides people; most people love It or hate it. At RNC (Royal National College for the Blind) we know that whether you like it or not it is one of those subjects (along with English) that employers will almost always ask for a qualification in. If students come to us having not attained a GCSE in Maths we will work with the individual student to discuss the option of retaking the GCSE year or studying functional numeracy skills.


18 year old Tiri Hughes, from Devon, is definitely one of those people who loves Maths and says “I like the logical process of Maths, I know that I am getting somewhere with it and I will arrive at a definitive answer. With more abstract subjects like English I can be writing and writing but have no idea if what I’m doing is right.” Second year student Tiri is currently studying A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and of course Maths.


Tiri recently attained a 100% mark in a practice paper for her A Level Maths module Core 4. RNC Maths Teacher Kate Stevenson was delighted “This is absolutely unheard of, it’s incredibly rare for anyone to get 100% in any A Level exam let alone the hardest Maths paper! We have started going through A Level Maths past papers and it takes me longer to produce the papers (in accessible format) than it does for Tiri to complete them; it definitely keeps me on my toes!”


When asked about the debate of whether Maths is accessible for people with visual impairment (VI) Tiri says “Yes, Maths is an incredibly hands on subject. For a lot of people who are VI it can be difficult to see diagrams drawn on paper in 2D, especially if that person has no depth perception. At RNC Kate makes a lot of tactile diagrams making them 3D and I think this really helps to put things into perspective.”


Kate is keen to stress how inclusive Maths can be “At RNC we cover the whole range from A Level to GCSE to functional Maths, the teaching methods are still the same. For someone who cannot see they may have no idea what the shape of a house is but I can make one in tactile format using straws to show the base of the house and the roof.” The resources used for making tactile diagrams do not need to be expensive; Kate impressively utilises a range of straws, strings and pins among other things to ensure that Maths is accessible to all of our students.


If you are interested in finding more about Maths or any of the other courses available at RNC please call our Student Enquiries Team on 01432 376 621 or email info@rnc.ac.uk


Article written by Bik Lee, Digital Media Officer at RNC


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