A Warm Welcome to New Volunteers

David talking Spanish to Rhys. at the Royal National College for the Blind

We are delighted to welcome four new volunteers to our team. Soledad and David, both 18 from Ecuador, Felipe, 18 from Columbia, and Isabella 22 from USA have joined us for 12 months as Student Support Volunteers.


The volunteering project is in partnership with an organisation called Lattitude Global. They provide opportunities for young people from all over the World to gain experience in residential schools and care provisions in the UK. These volunteers will bring a new experience to our students and will be able to share their knowledge and skills across all college departments.


Language Skills


Language teacher Lisa Roberts is excited about having Spanish speaking volunteers:


‘It makes the learning environment a lot more real. We will be able to have flowing conversations and group chats, and the students will be able to pick up on the different regional dialects. I am really looking forward to them supporting in my lessons.’


The role of Student Support Volunteers will also include supporting students with day to day activities. This will involve supporting students to go shopping, go to cinemas and theatres, and access other community and leisure groups.


Extra Help


Residential Manager Jeremy Perrott is delighted to include the new volunteers as part of his team:


‘The volunteers have been great so far, they are really excited about the college and be working with our students. They all have an interest in the kind of work as their own career path so it is great that we can give them an opportunity, but it is also an opportunity that brings many benefits to us.’


A-Level Spanish student Emma, hopes to continue to study languages after college:


‘Languages are an area that I would like to be employed in the future and being able to practice with the volunteers gives me real life experience and will help me feel more confident about speaking to Spanish people.’


A warm welcome to our new members of the team from everyone at RNC.


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