Kelsey speaks about why he chose RNC.

Kelsey in the living skills kitchen stirring a pan on the cooker hub


17 years old from Watford


“Choosing to come to RNC was easily the best decision I have made”


Moving away from home to go to College can be tough, but for 16 year old visually impaired student Kelsey from Watford, he knew it was the right decision.


After successfully completing his GCSEs and getting excellent results, he had the choice of staying in his local mainstream school or moving away to study at The Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) in Hereford, over 150 miles away!


A teaching environment specifically for young people with sight loss


Kelsey explains; “I decided to choose RNC for so many reasons. Having the ability to access all of my classes without fail, and without my visual impairment being a barrier to my education, gives me the freedom to engage with my courses in a way which simply wasn’t possible in my mainstream school.”


Being in a residential college and having more academic flexibility has given him the opportunity to try new things.


“It’s not all about studying – the list of extracurricular activities is simply endless, and being able to give so many new activities a go has been a wonderful experience for me, allowing me to find hobbies I would never have discovered otherwise.”


Skills for life not just for school


Kelsey plans on studying at university after college and he is quick to highlight how life at a residential college is supporting him;


“Residentially, RNC offers students like me to actively learn life skills, including cooking, cleaning and mobility, in order to put us in the best position possible when carrying on to higher education or employment. These skills are not something I could have achieved in a mainstream school, due to lack of time, facilities and qualified and experienced individuals. At RNC, I have been able, even within just six months, to dramatically increase my independence and confidence in these areas.”


The right choice for his future


Kelsey also points out how quick he settled in; “from day one it’s felt like my new family here, I have made a good group friends and I’m always busy doing something, there’s so much more than just being at home. Choosing to come to RNC was easily the best decision I have made.”


If you think RNC could be an option for you or someone you know, then visit our website or call our Student Enquiries Team on 01432 376 621



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