World Book Day – Inspiring a new generation of creative writers

Mikey is sitting on a sofa in the student hub area; he is facing the camera and smiling. To the right hand side there is a display of audio books on a stand.


Today, Thursday 2 March 2017, over 100 countries around the world are celebrating World Book Day, remembering their favourite books, authors and characters. The purpose of the day is to encourage people, of any age, to get into reading.


18 year old Mikey Adams, from Southampton, is a third year student at RNC (Royal National College for the Blind) and loves nothing more than to relax by sitting back and listening to a good audio book. Not only does Mikey enjoy reading, he is also an aspiring author and two-time winner of the RNC’s Creative Writing Award. Last year’s winning entry for the award was a short piece inspired by one of Mikey’s favourite books; Regeneration by Pat Barker which is a historical anti-war novel.


Mikey created the character Captain Wriggs and used this for his A Level English Literature coursework and said “I wanted to create an openly gay character and to be honest I wasn’t even expecting it to see the light of day.” Mikey talked about the theme of homosexuality in literature after reading The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall “The novel centred around lesbianism and was banned in the 1920s for being too controversial. Attitudes and punishments were different for different genders; it was illegal for men to be gay but for women it was something that was just pushed under the carpet. These days society is much more accepting of it.”


As Mikey looks forward to predicting how society will develop in literature he suggests “I think the next real big thing will be around gender identity, it’s an exciting time for people in the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community.” After leaving RNC, Mikey’s next step will be going to university to study Creative Writing as a degree course “Winning the Creative Writing awards at RNC definitely boosted my confidence and the support and encouragement I have received has made me serious about wanting to take a lifelong hobby further.”


To read a piece of Mikey’s literary excellence, please select the Word document below;

Captain Wriggs (Word document)


Mikey is standing in a library, next to a table. There is a very old book on a cushion, the book has a chain on the front. Rosemary, Librarian at Hereford Cathedral is standing beside him.

Mikey was able to experience some of the UK’s oldest collection of books at the Hereford Cathedral.















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Article written by Bik Lee, RNC Digital Media Officer


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