Youngsters bowled over by Have a Go weekend at RNC

Photo description – The group are gathered in a big group in the bowling alley, some are sitting on seats and some are standing up behind them. Back row, left to right is Tamzin, Charlotte, Leo, Callum, Yash, Carlyle, Faith, Rhiana, Kiara, Kim , Cam, Luc, Brandon, Charlotte and Callum.]

During the weekend of 11-12 March we opened the doors to RNC (The Royal National College for the Blind) and welcomed an excitable group of young people with visual impairment (VI), accompanied by their parents and siblings.


The Have a Go activity weekends run twice a year and provide a chance for young people with VI to get to know each other while taking part in a series of fun activities. At the jam packed weekend we had everything from baking to bowling to business studies as well as karaoke, quizzes and constructathon! This Have a Go weekend was held during term time and we were lucky enough to have been supported by some of our amazing current students, most of whom had been on Have a Go weekends themselves before coming to study at RNC.


19 year old Maisy McAdam from Cornwall said “I was in their position three years ago so I know what it’s like. At RNC, as well as gaining the qualifications I need to get to uni, I’m happy to be able to have the tools and support I need to be independent – cooking my own meals and going into town on my own without being restricted by my visual impairment. I love helping out with marketing activities with the college and love meeting new parents and young people to share my experiences.”


Many of the young people at the weekend were not used to being around other people their own age with VI, who understand and can relate to their circumstances. Paul Hunt, a parent from Wiltshire said “A brilliant weekend, Callum had a ball and made new friends with similar conditions. I think the college is definitely the place to further his education.”


For some young people this is their first residential experience so whilst they are on separate programmes to their parents, they still have them on campus as a safety net so they can slowly build up their confidence. 13 year old Leo from Sheffield said “I really like the college because it offers things that other schools wouldn’t. I also felt safe, comfortable and more confident.” Whilst the young people are having the time of their lives, it can be overwhelming for parents as Leo’s mum Dawn was brought to tears “I was completely impressed by the whole set up, how enabling it was for my children. I saw them as they should be; confident and capable young people.”

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Student Recruitment Manager Tim Broome says “It’s great to hear what the parents and young people have to say but come down to RNC and experience it for yourself. Whether you come for a Have a Go weekend or a personalised tour, come and check out the amazing facilities we have at RNC.”


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Article written by Bik Lee, Digital Media Officer at RNC


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Have a Go weekends are open to any young person aged 13-17 with VI, and siblings of any age are welcome to attend as long as the party is accompanied by an adult.

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